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Malala's Petition

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1Malala's Petition Empty Malala's Petition on Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:50 pm


I have already signed this petition and I kindly ask you to sign it as well.

16 year old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by Islamist bigots who believe that women should not be educated.
She survived the attack and now this brave and intelligent young woman is taking a stand.
Please give her your support!

From Malala - "On 15 June fourteen girls were murdered in Pakistan simply because they wanted an education. Many people know my story but there are stories every day of children fighting for an education. The basic right to education is under attack around the world.
We need change now and I need your help to achieve it.

You can help me and girls and boys across the world. We are asking the United Nations General Assembly to fund new teachers, schools, books and recommit to getting every girl and boy in school by December 2015.

This July 12th is my 16th birthday and I am personally delivering this petition to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

I became a victim of terrorism after I spoke out in favour of education of girls. These innocent girls killed in Pakistan have nothing to do with politics and only wanted to empower themselves through education.

If we want to bring change, if we want progress, if we want development, if we want the education of girls, we should be united. We should not wait. We should do it now."

This is what the petition says.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary
I stand with Malala in demanding that the leaders of the world end our global Education Emergency. After the recent violent murder of 14 girls in Pakistan who simply wanted an education, I support the civil rights struggle of 57 million girls and boys who will not go to school today — or any day. Side by side with Malala, we demand that at the United Nations General Assembly, world leaders agree to fund the new teachers, schools and books we need — and to end child labour, child marriage and child trafficking — so that by December 2015 we meet the Millennium Development goal promise that every boy and girl be at school.

We must be united in this fight, and we must act now. Thank you for standing with us.
[Your name]"

Please sign it right now.

By the way, Malala is the youngest person to ever be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Thank You!

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