writing a Dzogchen oriented meditation manual...

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writing a Dzogchen oriented meditation manual...

Post by Guest on Sat May 18, 2013 1:41 pm

My latest article at http://newsunwesternskies.wordpress.com is an attempt to write an "original" meditation manual reflecting Dzogchen teachings. The process involves a direct introduction to the "natural state" of all beings, stabilizing that realization, with the fruit of practice entailing an effortless integration of that realization amidst all possible experiences and circumstances.

It's a creative writing project in progress, with feedback solicited from those familiar with this tradition:


Thought briefly of adopting the fascinating Tibetan tradition of introducing new literature as being the product of a visionary revelation coming from some highly regarded figure of the past and claiming Alan Watts was speaking through me. This particular manual will in fact be right in synch with what he wrote on meditation, as he wrote in his autobiography that he practice "zogchen and zen" style of meditation.

I have no title name as yet.


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