I think I want to buy a truck

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I think I want to buy a truck

Post by Jessie Lee VanSant on Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:53 am

I have 3 trucks in my Life - none of which are fully functional.... My mechanic(hubby)is broken himself and can no longer fix the broken things....... ergo... asking for help and not sure about fixing the truck being the best choice.

I have a 1986 Ford Ranger - ranch truck - which is not running properly - wasn't starting, coil was replaced, seemed to work for a while then quit starting again..... I don't know what's wrong...

Also it has brake problems - they are sticking. Shop wants to do more work($$) than what is absolutely necessary - probably understandable for their business liability but the truck cost me $400 years ago and does not merit much $$ be put into it...

Any shade tree mechanics out there who want to work on a 1986 Ford Ranger?? - nickel and dime - I don't /think/ things are hugely wrong with it but also don't want to waste money and someone's time unnecessarily in labor and parts. No Pick 'n Pull close by....

By ranch truck I mean a vehicle which /rarely/ goes off our 5 acres, is used to take garbage out to cans on the road, move firewood from one place to another around the land, pull a 'drag' over the gravel road now and then... you know.. ranch truck....... but also once in a while might need to be used to go to dump and back so some level of road worthiness is needed.

Result of all might also be having someone haul this truck away, part it out, or.. ??? I just don't know.

What is necessary for me is to eventually have a road worthy ranch truck and i may just have to buy a 'new' one....

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