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Minimum Wage

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1Minimum Wage Empty Minimum Wage on Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:51 am


This is a continuation of a discussion from the 'announce list'.

My point about the executive salaries at Mickey D's is that they are exorbitant compared to the typical McDonald's worker.
Apparently McDonald's, the corporation, is doing well enough to afford to increase their executive pay significantly this year, but refuse to help folks at the bottom.
I see no corporate changes anywhere that address the low end.

Is this particular franchise owner struggling to make ends meet?  Is that why the wages are so low?  If so, are the franchise fees sucking up all the profit?  Maybe.

Regardless of whether or not the FB joint is company owned or not, the wages paid there are pathetic.

It is also MY opinion that the place is actually bad for the local economy by this action.
They are providing little in the way of dollars returned to the community in the way of wages. They suck money out of our local economy and away from local restaurants that would provide better food to the community anyway.  McDonald's is HIGHLY profitable and could easily structure things so that better wages could be paid to their lowest workers.
It is also good to note that every franchise fee dollar paid, leaves the community.
Any fees paid by the franchise owner to the corporation feed those hefty executive salaries directly.

Clearly the franchise fees and all the rest of the corporate structure to run a McDonald's is designed to funnel as much profit as possible right to the top.

One last point.  Earlier you stated that, "It raises the same old questions of what is better?  A job at minimum wage (or higher!) or.... no job at all".
It is this attitude that drives me crazy!  It essentially says "take it or leave it".
So, how low can we go using that methodology?
Using that criteria, wages could go as low as the most desperate person would be willing to take.
Heck, is $5 an hour better than nothing?  $4, $3?  How low is too low compared to nothing?
It strikes me as arrogant to hold this position.  It is for this reason that a minimum wage had to be established in the first place.

The wage thing for a company like Mickey D's simply shows that the attitude is to place profit ahead of people.
I find that most sad.

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2Minimum Wage Empty Re: Minimum Wage on Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:38 am

McD tells it's starving employees to get food stamps, thus robbing the taxpayers to improve their bottom line. Only a strong union can break the ties with the exploitative bosses.

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3Minimum Wage Empty Re: Minimum Wage on Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:34 am


I fully agree Douglas.

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