Lonely roads of the night.....

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Lonely roads of the night.....

Post by Guest on Mon May 06, 2013 2:22 pm

At 11:30pm last night, I departed a location four miles east of Point Arena for a trip back home to Ukiah. I first went up Highway One and then turned onto Highway 128. The very first car I encountered was just shy of the Philo/Greenwood turnoff on 128. Good to find that I wasn't in a trance, the high beams immediately flickered down, when a car and its lights suddenly manifested around a curve. Altogether, on this trip that included the last stretch of 253, I saw and/or encountered only three cars.

My lights highlighted every single sign so I actually saw and registered way more in the information posted on them than during the daytime.

This trip, unlike the last one done over Mountain View Road during the night, encountered no deer but several times cats skirting quickly across One and also 128.

Y'all were asleep and I owned the road!


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